Welcome to Boa Woyonko

We are a Non-profit Organisation working for the enhancement of educational opportunities of children with limited access to formal education, through voluntary work.



"Knowledge is like a garden; if it is not cultivated, it cannot be harvested."


We are convinced that every child has the right to basic school education which is an integral part of a country's development.

Our aim is to link those people who are interested in doing voluntary work abroad and those organisations and schools that necessitate volunteers due to a lack of governmental and private support.

Indeed, the education projects which we are cooperating with are in great need of volunteers in order to guarantee their daily functioning and would partly not exist without volonteer efforts. Our project partners are Ghanaian NGOs and private initiatives, as well as local government schools.

We are aware of the sensitive role of voluntary work in the global South. Thus, we are very careful that the volunteering opportunities organised by Boa Woyonko do not substitute any local pedagogic jobs in our cooperation projects. Boa Woyonko volunteers do therefore focus on tutoring rather than on whole-class teaching.

A voluntary service by Boa Woyonko is a mutual exchange and learning process for both volunteers and project partners. It is the intention to pass on knowledge, without judging each other’s knowledge or ways of life. Voluntary services are not to be considered as development aid but rather as intercultural exchange and learning experience for all parties involved. 

We also believe that volunteering should not rhyme with high administrative costs and must not become luxury. Therefore it is the purpose of Boa Woyonko to ease the link between organisations/schools and potential volunteers without financial constraints.

If you are interested in doing a voluntary service in the educational sector in Ghana, have a look at our website and find out more about available volunteering opportunities.

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